Marty Malone is passionate about Chicago and Technology.


Marty is currently the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for UI LABS, but more importantly he is proud to be able to call himself the organization's first employee. He sits on the board of the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago, a 500+ member organization that celebrates Irish culture and supports Chicagoland charities. He is also the Director of Social Media for Politicos Bureaucrats and Friends, a group with four chapters throughout the state and 600+ members.

Marty has experience working for the The City of Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology, The State of Illinois, two acclaimed start-up accelerators inside of Chicago's digital start-up hub 1871, The University of Illinois Office of Technology Management, a state legislator and a national Super PAC -- as well as a journalist for two newspapers and a reporter/anchor for a TV news station.

This broad yet strategic background gives Marty intimate knowledge of Chicago's government and technology sectors, as well as the ability to shape and tell their stories.


A skilled storyteller

After working in many award-winning newsrooms, Marty knows a thing or two about what makes for a good newsworthy story.

Equipped with this knowledge, he is able to perfectly tailor a story to different audiences. In just a matter of months Marty helped land some (genius) initiatives in papers and on computer and television screens across the Chicagoland area.